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To form an esteemed and kind community of industry leaders & game changers of the FUTURE business landscape

Key drivers

Education & Training

Society is ever-changing, and the need to keep updated with the latest technology trends is a big ask. BNI Future is committed to seeing the growth of members and partners in this area through a holistic approach that comprises outreach in a variety of business sectors and opportunities.

AI & Smart Technology

The future is here! With AI & Smart Tech, boundless possibilities and opportunities have been realised in a multitude of ways across a swath of disciplines that couldn’t even have been imagined 10 years prior. At BNI Future, our members are keen to explore various ways we can leverage such potential to enhance collaboration and business opportunities.

Digital Lifestyle & Consumer Services

Viewing and access to content online is more and more prevalent in today’s society as consumption patterns have changed from fixed media to on-demand as technology has advanced. BNI Future is aiming to trendset in this space with commitments to omnichannel products that reach across the lifestyle and consumer spaces.

Future of Work

With the prevalence of remote work in today’s post-pandemic world, the future landscape of work has fundamentally transformed from an office-centric approach to one where your desk could be at a coffee shop or on a beach. Our members at BNI Future are fully committed to this new paradigm – we are the only English-language fully online chapter in BNI Singapore.

Future of Cities, Logistics 5.0

The Euro-centric model of socio-economic development has brought forth a new paradigm of how the modern day city and its infrastructure should be motivated by a strategy that puts workers and sustainability first. This implementation is fully embraced by Singapore as we implement new smart cities and worker-led models to push productivity and output while ensuring a long-term sustainable strategy. Members of BNI Future fully subscribe to these values.

Green & Sustainable Solutions

As the world pushes further towards environmental catastrophe, BNI Future recognizes the need for green and sustainable solutions that start with individual business owners. We are committed to ensuring that our members adopt sustainable practices that are non-detrimental to resources and champion environmental causes.

Our Members

Training & Coaching (Cybersecurity)
General Insurance
Life and Disability Insurance
Company Secretary
Life Health/Wellness
Transport & Shipping (Logistics)
Health & Wellness Products
IT & Managed Services
Data Analytics
Intellectual Property Law
Cloud Services
Accounting Services
Funeral Pre-planning
Mental Health
Legal & Accounting (Litigation)
Mechanical & Electrical Systems
Residential Interior Designer
Residential Real Estate
Workplace & Commercial Interior Design & Build
Health and Wellness

Supporting Team

Rachel Poo

Director Consultant

Candy LIM

Senior Support Director Consultant

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